Spring Raffle

Greetings Boys and Girls! Its the beginning of a new year!
We here at [SC] Management have decided its time to throw another raffle!
So why not start 2015 off the right way with some prizes!

As with last raffle there will be multiple ticket options for you to choose from.
As an added bonus when we sell a certain amount of tickets we will be adding prizes!
Bonus prizes will be announced but wont be available until their goal has been met!

Tickets will be on sale from Feb. 1st thru Feb. 28th.
Winners will be announced live on TeamSpeak 1st of March at 7pm(PST)

Please remember that Donations and Raffle Ticket purchases support the clan,
the more we get the more we can give back to you guys!

Please purchase tickets through the links in the Raffle Information post.

Link to Raffle Information Here on Feb 1st.